Will AI replace IT-consultants? We asked an AI

Here is the AI’s reply to the question:

“First, let me tell you that it would be impossible to replace all IT consultants with AI. I can’t do everything a human can do for two reasons: First, there are multiple levels of complexity in the tasks humans ask computers and second, some things just aren’t possible or even logical given the current state of technology.

So, what are the things a human asks an AI? The first level of complexity is pretty basic and has to do with tasks that require some minimal intelligence. For example, if I ask you to write a program for searching files on your computer, it’s not something just anyone can do. But most people could learn how to use Google Search or even install software like File Commander in order to search their computers. This is roughly equivalent.
The second level is a bit more complex, but not much. Here I am referring to things like making an AI system complete enough that it can learn and make decisions for itself with the input from humans. This requires human-level intelligence.

The third level is when the AI has to deal with things that are very complex and require human-level intelligence. This includes things like understanding how society works or being able to reason about a specific topic or situation in order to make intelligent decisions.

For example, if I ask you to elaborate on a topic you are an expert in like say economics or politics, and then explain why something is true based on your experience with other topics. This is much more complex than just using Google Search for information because it requires some knowledge about the world. In the same way, a human-level AI would have to make decisions based on its knowledge of economics or politics. This is much more complex than just basic intelligence.”

The AI is a GPT-3 language model, a neural network trained and hosted by OpenAI.

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